"Helping children and teens uncover their talents through the art of writing"

The Universal Mom programs are an opportunity for children and teens to open up to their hidden treasures of love, compassion, trust, non-judgment, and happiness while exploring their natural gifts and talents that they may or may not be aware of.

Children and teens are able to do this exploration through the art of creative writing.

Universal Mom helps in supporting and guiding children and teens to discover the parts inside of them that may be hidden because of former misinterpretations, misunderstandings or misidentifications that may center around limiting beliefs in themselves.

About Our Founder, Ruth Klein


  • Ruth’s non-profit organization, The Self-Esteem Council, working with high school students in high schools for 22 years.
  • Ruth’s expertise in re-creating business brands and cultures with strong writing skills.
  • Ruth is a Master Coach in personal development
  • Identifies and integrates the essence of a personal or business brand into clear and engaging messaging.
  • An author of six best-selling books
  • Thought leader in her industry
  • International speaker who writes her own and other’s speeches
  • A mom who knows how to balance and integrate raising children with self-confidence

For more information about Ruth, visit her website.