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I really appreciated your insights, and I cannot wait to see them start to work in my life. Thank you again, I loved listening to you speak!

Spencer, High School Senior

Your advice really made me rethink. We at first think we have things under control, but you have a very good angle at making us remember to maintain our health as well.

Meagan, High School Senior

I have always heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, how teens need sleep, and all that jazz, but I never realized how essential those two things are to being successful. I will definately try to sleep more and eat a healthier breakfast so I can operate at my maximun potential during my school day. I will also try to set and intention or goal for the day. That way I will be able model my day after the goal or intention I set for myself and hopefully help the day to become more enjoyable. Thank you again for coming and speaking and have an excellent week.


William, High School Senior

Thank you so much for speaking with us last night, it was truly an eye opening experience! I feel like if I had known this information last year, then I would have been way less stressed. I found myself saying, “Its not that I don’t have time, I just know I won’t have the energy to do so much today.” Just talking to myself like this helped me not stress out as much! Now my goal is to work on the 8-9 hours of sleep, which will definitely be a challenge!


Manpreet, High School Senior

You have provided me with some helpful information about time management, eating the right food, and getting enough sleep. This advice will surely help me throughout this school year and going into college.

Chad, High School Senior

I learned an immense amount of helpful information that will greatly influence my daily routine. Actually, I started the 20 minute power naps and let me just say, the naps are extremely helpful to get through the day! I am very grateful for your tips.

Thank you again!


Brandon, High School Senior

The advice that you shared about saving ones energy and utilizing better nutrition, essential sleep, and positive thinking has already allowed me to make changes in my daily schedule to help ease the stress my rigorous AP classes have on me. The very first step I have taken on my new path toward greater energy, is changing my breakfast meals. Today i am proud to say that I ate two hard-boiled eggs and a piece of peanut butter toast, and amazingly experienced one of my most energetic days in my high school career. I know that with the knowledge you shared at the meeting, my peers and I will able to achieve the fullest extent of our dreams.

All the information was excellent, but the piece I most appreciated was that our intentions should ALWAYS come from our hearts. That makes us honest people, which I value a lot.

Thanks again,

Lauren Cline, The Ford Dimension

As a very rigorous academic student, I often forget about my health because I am so focused on doing well in school. I really appreciate that you drew my attention back to the rest of my life, and what i need to do to make sure I stay healthy.

Thank you for your time!

Jotthe, High School Senior

During this week I put some of the knowledge you gave us into action. I started doing a water polo/ swim work out in the mornings. I noticed that through out the day my focus was better and I was more alert in comparison to going to an afternoon work out. I appreciate the knowledge you shared with us.

Seth, High School Senior

I really appreciated your tips about time management, being that now more than ever before I have more things to handle. I know that I will carry on your tips through the rest of my senior year, as well as through college and beyond.

Paola, High School Senior