"Helping children and teens uncover their talents through the art of writing"

Judgement of self has a way of limiting or restricting what a child or teem feels they can accomplish and this directly impacts their self-esteem.

In this Universal Mom program, children and teens will learn:

  • How important it is to keep confidences
  • Determine if they’re shaming or criticizing others through their own lens of judgements
  • Step into the other’s person shoes to help them understand the true impact of judgement and how it can affect self-confidence in themselves and in others.
  • How to create a “no judgement zone” for themselves and with friends.

Universal Mom Downloadable Handouts:

Universal Mom Downloadable -No Judgement Zone
Universal Mom Downloadable – No Judgement Zone 2

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-1.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-2.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-3.pdf

Universal Mom No Judgement Zone Video Download:

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