"Helping children and teens uncover their talents through the art of writing"

This program is focused on building the child or teen’s self-confidence so that they feel comfortable making decisions that are good for them; learning new ways to lessen or eradicate self-doubt and the three most important elements of building self-confidence that are sustainable.

In this Universal Mom program, children and teens will learn:

  • Different options in building their self-confidence, whether they view themselves as an introvert and more shy, or as an extrovert, who wants to participant in many things and speaks up a lot.
  • How to build up their strengths in either both modality and become comfortable in who they are.
  • Identifying and accepting of others’ personalities.
  • Learn strategies to share their voice and brilliance.

Universal Mom Downloadable Handouts:

Universal Mom Downloadable -Building Self-Confidence for the Introvert or Extrovert

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout 1
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout 2
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout 3

Universal Mom Building Self-Confidence for the Introvert & Extrovert Downloadable Video:

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