"Helping children and teens uncover their talents through the art of writing"

A very good way to build self-confidence in children and teens is to help open up their world to different experiences; art, drama, oral language, different cultures, trips to the zoo, speech giving, sharing their thoughts as lyrics to a song, etc.

In this Universal Mom program, children and teens will learn:

  • How their previous experiences make up who they are and how they can use this learning to move forward with more difficult tasks.
  • Open up new possibilities of what is available to the children and teens as a potential career, hobby.
  • How past learning and experiences can build upon new learning, so they can say, “I’ve Got This”!
  • A new understanding of the beauty of the different parts of themselves that builds self-confidence.

Universal Mom Downloadable Handouts:

Universal Mom Downloadable -Building Upon Experiences

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-1.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-2.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-3.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-4.pdf
Downloadable Universal Mom Handout-5.pdf