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There are times that it is appropriate to say “yes” and other times, it’s most appropriate to say “no.”

In this Universal Mom program, children and teens will learn:

  • Several ways to discern whether their “no’s” mean no
  • Several ways to discern whether their “yes’s” mean yes
  • What they truly want rather than be guided by other’s comments and desires.
  • Healthy ways to say “no” without hurting others.
  • When a child gets confident that their “yes” or “no” decisions make a positive impact on their lives, they build self-esteem by knowing the difference that their decisions and feel more in control over their lives, rather than feeling like a “bystander” or that their feelings don’t matter.

Universal Mom Downloadable Handouts:

Universal Mom Downloadable -The Power of “yes” and “no”

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout Overview

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout 2

Downloadable Universal Mom Handout 3